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Friday seminar: MEMS supercapacitors

Join us on Friday November 24 at the auditorium at Forskningsparken Vestfold Innovation Park to learn about recent progress at IMS in the field of MEMS SCs built on a novel dry etched one-dimensional silicon taper array (Si-TA)

Friday Seminar 24th November, 12:15 – 13:00

Speaker: Xuyuan Chen

Title: Supercapacitors

Room: F2-20 (Research Park)



In this talk, recent progress at IMS in the field of MEMS SCs built on a novel dry etched one-dimensional silicon taper array (Si-TA) is discussed. (1) As a high surface gain scaffold, the Si-TA coated with conformal nano-layer of TiN via atomic layer deposition technique offers a nearly ideal electric double layer capacitor performance. More significantly, the whole electrode fabrication process is fully compatible with the IC (integrate circuit) process; (2) Based on the Si-TA/TiN electrode, an additional nano-layer of MnO2 can be further conformally grown surrounding Si-TA/TiN to form Si-TA/TiN/MnO2 ternary composite electrode, via a facile chemical bath process. The derived pseudo-capacitive Si-TA/TiN/MnO2 ternary composite electrode achieves a 70× improvement in capacitance, relative to Si-TA/TiN electrode; (3) Si-TA aids to mitigate the well-known shadowing effect in evaporation deposition and further enables the favorable diffusion of electron-beam evaporated Ni source, which accordingly leads to the formation of a high quantity level of densely distributed yet well-dispersed nanoparticles (NPs) throughout the entire Si-TA scaffold. The well-dispersed Ni catalyst particles onto Si-TA facilitates an interconnection growth and compact integration of fullerene-like carbon decorated carbon nanotubes (FC-CNTs) during the chemical vapor deposition process. The enhanced mass loading of carbon active material in specific footprint area via compact integration, the design on highly interconnected FC-CNT network for excellent electronic transport property, as well as the meso-macro porous structure for rapid ion transportation, synergistically enable a remarkable areal capacitance without compromising the capability of rapid energy storage.